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SwissOne Smart Index Crypto Fund

An index fund built to capture crypto’s vast return potential.

Providing investors with a secure means to gain exposure to the crypto market, via traditional licensed and regulated service providers.

Through a diverse, well-balanced, passive portfolio, the SwissOne Smart Index Crypto Fund manages risk while allowing investors to reap the rewards of this emerging market. SwissOne Capital has carefully constructed and tested trading parameters to achieve a strategy that is expected to show superior performance, with managed risks.

It strategically encompasses 50 crypto-based decentralized projects, where the best performing assets will have the highest weightings through the use of smart rebalancing and allocation rules

Fund Inception 1 November 2019
Minimum Investment EUR100k (direct)
Fees 2.0% annual fee, 20% performance fee
Certificate liquidity Monthly
Minimum Investment EUR1,000
Fees Up to 0.5% admin fee

A strategy emphasizing depth and diversification

Passive style non-market cap funds have been shown to have stronger relative performance in emerging technologies. In these fields, it’s difficult to directly define value, predict future emergent advancements, or truly see what the future landscape will look like.

The SwissOne Smart Index Crypto Fund effectively captures this philosophy, using well-considered, rigorously tested trading and rebalancing parameters that have been carefully refined through live, practical implementation.

Realizing the importance of DeFi and Dapps

In order to build a robust, diverse, and well-balanced portfolio in this space, it’s necessary to group together a large number of assets.

For example, Decentralised Finance (“DeFi”) and Applications (“Dapps”), are a significant emerging asset in the crypto ecosystem. These products are crucial for the entirety of the crypto ecosystem, providing a potentially lucrative growth vehicle for investors. As a keystone in the digital gold rush, the potential behind these assets is higher compared to more established projects that might overshadow them when simply ranked by market cap.

Their inclusion in the top 50 crypto assets has led to a much higher growth rate than, for example, just Bitcoin alone.

Swissone smart index performance

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Backtesting demonstrates the clear advantages of an equal weighted portfolio compared to a market capitalization weighted portfolio, supporting the forward-looking thesis that cryptos with smaller market capitalizations have a high probability of outperforming larger cryptos.

The SwissOne Smart Crypto Index Fund will include the top 50 crypto assets by market capitalization. This is the number that our analysis shows to deliver the highest probability of excess returns for an equally weighted crypto index fund.

Top 50 Holdings & 1-month Performance

Fund structure and regulation

The SwissOne Smart Crypto Index Fund is setup as an exempted company, limited by shares, under Cayman Islands law.

The fund is registered as a Mutual Fund under section 4(3) of the Cayman Mutual Funds Law. The fund is required to be audited annually by a CIMA-approved auditor with local presence.
Investment management, fund administration, brokerage, and custody services are provided by independent licensed entities.

SwissOne Index Fund is structured in accordance with international best practices, including segregation of duties, independence and regulation, thus enhancing the safety and protection of client funds. Investment management, fund administration, brokerage, and custody services are provided by independent licensed entities.

Important information: This is not a financial promotion and is not intended as investment advice. The Offering Memorandum and Offering Supplement should be read in conjunction with all other materials. This advertisement may not be used for the purpose of an offer or solicitation in any jurisdiction or in any circumstances in which such an offer or solicitation is unlawful or not authorised. No warranty is given as to the accuracy or completeness of the information contained in the advertisement and no liability is accepted for errors or omissions in such information. The Smart Index Crypto Fund Limited is registered as an exempted company, limited by shares, under Cayman Islands law with registration number [C344261]. It is registered as a mutual fund under section 4(3) of the Cayman Mutual Funds law and it is subject to continuing obligations under the Cayman Mutual Funds law. It is only available to investors qualifying as professional Qualifying investors outside of the US and as defined in your local jurisdiction.

Fund Details

Legal Name SwissOne Smart Index Crypto Fund Limited
Legal Structure Registered Caymans Island Mutual Fund
ISIN KYG8624B1234
Fund Manager AK Jenson Limited (a sub-threshold AIFM licensed by the UK FCA)
Fund Type Passive Crypto Index Fund
Strategy Up to 50 of the top qualifying crypto assets, ranked by market cap
Weighing Generally equally weighted, within rebalancing bands & parameters
Liquidity Min EUR10k withdrawal
Target Investors Swiss Qualified Investors and; Professional Investors
Minimum Investment €100,000
Annual Management Fee 2.0% charged monthly
Performance Fee 20% performance fee
Subscription & Redemption Fees 0%
Other costs charged to the fund Trading & Brokerage Fees, Crypto Storage Fees, Fund Administration Fees

Refer to the Fund Offering Memorandum and Offering Supplement for more specific information

Certificate Details

Legal Name SwissOne Smart Index Crypto Certificate
Type of Product Tracker Certificate
Underlying Asset Class D shares in the SwissOne Smart Index Crypto Fund Limited
ISIN / Valor CH1120287219 / 112028721
Custodian / Broker ISP Securities AG
Issuer Asset Segregated SPV # 61 IC incorporated in Jersey
Liquidity Monthly
Reference Currency EUR
MINIMUM INVESTMENT EUR 1,000 at launch (adjusted to growth in managed assets per certificate)
Term Open ended
Offer Mode Private Placement to Professional Clients / Qualified Investors only
Clearing System SIX SIS, Switzerland
Admin Fee Up to 0.50% p.a.
Brokerage Fee 0.15%

The Underlying Fund charges a 2.0% management fee & 20% performance fee

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