Coin Purposes is on a mission to accelerate the world's transition to the use of cryptocurrency through all means necessary in every way possible. has taken a clear view that the world needs to make use of cryptocurrency and that mass adoption is inevitable.

Coin Classification

The current core offering is its exchange that is still in its Beta version and offers 90 days trading free of any fees. It offers Visa metal cards in relevant jurisdictions for payments services while offering tiered levels of cards based on numbers of coins staked which also translates into rewards with service providers such as Spotify, Netflix, Amazon, Airbnb and more.

It offers the ability to earn rewards for the staking of a variety of assets on its platform. It offers crypto credit facilities on deposits it receives into its platform.

It has a merchant API and platform for ecommerce sites to receive payments via crypto. Finally, it is a crypto wallet provider

Coin Background has over 360 employees worldwide with it headquarters in Hong Kong. Clearly its relationship with Visa is a critical differentiating product in the Crypto industry.

It continues to develop and build strong commercial relationships with the top traditional tech companies around the globe. This is contributing to the acceleration of mass adoption of Crypto globally. 

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