Kryptoanlagen sind
eine legitime Investition

The crypto market contains nearly untold potential for investors. A highly asymmetric risk/return profile and uncorrelated behavior makes crypto an enticing asset class. Yet, numerous potential roadblocks can trip up those that aren’t experienced, specialised, or lack the proper resources within the space.

Experience and careful guidance is key.

Crypto’s Superior Growth Outshines Traditional Assets

The emergence of the gold rush led to a dramatic infrastructure evolution. New technologies had to be developed in order to support the ever-growing demand for gold. While it was the price of gold that initially spurred this initial investment, the total growth of all of the related support activities was, in many cases, 10x that of the price of gold itself.

The crypto market is similar: that’s why our funds emphasize investing across the top 50 crypto assets. To capture explosive growth, you must cast a wide net across the whole industry.


Mit SwissOne Capital gehört Ihnen die Zukunft

Durch unseren Fonds bieten wir unseren Kunden eine professionelle Verwendung von Kryptowährungen an. Wir schöpfen schon heute das Potenzial von morgen aus.

Trusted Expertise

Our licensed fund managers and executive team exemplify Swiss excellence, with decades of managing assets for institutional clients.

Additionally, they have specialized knowledge of the crypto space, giving them an edge in this emerging market.

Stringent Security

SwissOne goes above and beyond to secure our clients’ assets. We partner only with highly respected, trusted, and regulated vendors.

We follow the strictest possible protocols when authorizing transactions, ensuring the safety of your investments.

Innovative Tools

SwissOne is focused on building investment vehicles that take advantage of the emerging crypto market.

Tools like our SwissOne Index Fund allow investors to add an investment vehicle to their portfolio that is built to intelligently conquer the challenges of the crypto space.

Partner & Sponsoren

Niclas Grönholm Rally Car Driver


Niclas Grönholm Rally Car Driver

Niclas Grönholm is a 25-year-old, six-time World Rallycross Championship race-winner.

Niclas Grönholm Rally Car Driver


Niclas Grönholm Rally Car Driver

SwissOne sponsors the Polo Park & Country Club in Zürich along with the Los Lobos Polo Team.

Niclas Grönholm Rally Car Driver


Niclas Grönholm Rally Car Driver

Home of Blockchain.swiss is a new public-private partnership and global promotion initiative launched by The Swiss Blockchain Federation.

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