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Local restrictions on access to the swissonecapital website

The following financial products area contains information and opinions about financial products (such as investment funds) which may be subject to registration requirements in certain countriesa It is not intended for (natural or legal) persons for whom the use or the access to the SO website (based upon the nationality or the domicile/registered office of the concerned person or for any other reason) would violate the laws of their respective jurisdiction. Such persons are not permitted to access the area containing information and opinions about financial products. This applies in particular to persons having their domicile/registered office in the United States of America. The financial products area is intended as a representation of SwissOne Capital. Not all of the financial products presented are available to or suitable for persons in all countries. The statutory and regulatory provisions that are valid in a particular country determine whether a financial product can be offered to a person there.


All copyright and other rights relating to the entire contents of the SO website are reserved exclusively and in full to SwissOne Capital. 'SO' and the SO logo, in particular, are registered trademarks. Use of the SO website does not give the user rights to the contents or registered trademarks or any other part of the website. Pages may only be downloaded or printed out if the full source is quoted. Any other use, and in particular the reproduction or publication, in full or in part, for public or commercial use, is permitted only with the prior written agreement of SwissOne Capital and provided that the source is quoted in full.

No offer

The information and views published on the SO website do not represent an invitation, offer or recommendation to use a service, to buy, sell or hold investment instruments, or to effect other transactions or acts. The information is for personal use and for informational purposes only and, like the important legal information on financial products given above, is subject to change without notice at any time by SwissOne Capital.

The information should not be used as the basis for decision-making

The SO website should not be used as investment advice or as any other basis for deciding legal, tax or other matters requiring advice. Please note that past performance is not necessarily an indication of future performance. No investment or other decision should be taken based upon this website. You should contact your account manager before taking a decision.

No assurances

SO takes all reasonable steps to ensure the accuracy of the information published, but no assurances are given as to the accuracy, reliability or completeness of the information and views contained on the SO website. The SO website may be changed at any time and without prior notice. In particular, SO is under no obligation to update content or remove obsolete content.

No warranties

In addition, SO accepts no liability and does not warrant that the functions on the SO website will be free of error and interruption, that errors will be rectified or that this website and the server will be free of viruses and other harmful components.

Exclusion of liability

SO accepts no liability for loss or consequential loss, including in the case of negligence, resulting from or connected with access to or use of the SO website, or resulting from or connected with the fact that it is not possible to access or use the SO website.

Links to other websites

SO has not checked the other websites linked to the SO website and accepts no responsibility for their contents. If you select specific links, you will leave the SO website at your own risk.


Unless expressly instructed to act otherwise, if we receive an e-mail, we will assume that we are permitted to answer via e-mail and to continue to communicate via e-mail. We use anti-virus and anti-spam detection technologies. However, we also recommend that you use virus scanners. SO cannot exclude the risk of e-mails sent to the SwissOne Capital being read, altered, sent to a different address, falsified or destroyed by third parties. SO accepts no liability for data transfer by e-mail. We reserve the right to reject e-mails with potentially hazardous file attachments.

Call recording

Please note that telephone calls are recorded and whenever you call us we shall assume that we have your consent to this.

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