Coin Purposes

Kyber Network is an on-chain exchange that allows instant trading and conversion of cryptocurrencies and tokens with high liquidity. It does so by aggregating liquidity from a wide range of reserves.

KNC is an Ethereum token that fuels operations on the decentralized exchange (DEX). 

Coin Classification

Kyber Network is connecting the fragmented tokenized world by enabling instant and seamless transactions between platforms, ecosystems and other use cases.

Coin Background

Kyber is an on-chain liquidity protocol that anyone can tap into for a wide variety of inter-token use cases.

For example, vendors are able to accept payments in multiple tokens on their e-commerce platforms yet receiving in their preferred token.

In addition, dApps can allow users who are not their token holders to utilize their platform and services with other tokens, and decentralized financial projects have the means to rebalance their portfolio instantly.

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